The solutions

A handicapped person is in for a mission – the wheelchair has to be able to respond to a wide variety of needs and requirements. Meeting these personal demands has always been our sole point of concentration. Our products enable remarkable dimensions, functionalities and possibilities. They provide opportunities to go places and to take care of daily errands, even in challenging surroundings.


The people

We believe that every wheelchair user should be entitled to a solution that best suits his or her needs. We do our very best in developing products and technologies to help people with a disability to achieve new goals. Utilizing the best available technology and knowhow, we make wheelchairs that enable better care and improve opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle. For us and for the users of our wheelchairs, good enough is not an option.


The properties

The exceptional chassis is the core for all our wheelchairs. Various additions are available to meet even the most specific requirements. We want to build courage and show how much someone with a disability can achieve. Being a leading developer of features such as four-wheel drive, flexible chassis, we take the entire industry forward.